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At FaithHill Group, we are passionate about empowering African and International students, by providing access to accredited colleges and universities in the United States of America and other parts of the world. In order to achieve this, we organize regular informative sessions, workshops and seminars, designed for prospective students.

Project Management Fundamentals: A Faithhill Presentation

Date: April 27- May 1, 2015

Venue: Candlewood Suites, Katy, Texas

Cost: $2750


Target Audience

Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Team Leaders, Aspiring Team Managers, Team Members, and Business Managers across all business functional areas and industries who believe that basic project management skills will help them perform their job responsibilities more effectively.

Project Management Fundamentals

This course provides a foundational knowledge base reflecting the most up-to-date project management information so learners can effectively put principles to work at their own organizations. It also prepares the candidate to undertake the certification examination to become a Project Management Professional (PMP) as administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI).


Course Overview / Description

The mission of project management is to control the unexpected and unpredictable, through processes, in such a way that you meet the cost, quality, and time expectations of all invested parties in order to accomplish a set goal or objective, within a stipulated time frame. All industries employ project managers to implement processes as a way to control business. Certificates will be presented at the end of the course.


Course Outline/Schedule

          Define basic terminology of project management – April 27, 2015

          Identify the project management life cycle – April 27, 2015, 2014

          Understand the project management knowledge areas – April 27, 2015

          Build an effective WBS and project schedule – April 28, 2015

          Identify, analyze, quantify, mitigate, and manage risks – April 28, 2015

          Create project management plans for quality, communication, resources, and stakeholder management – April 29, 2015

          Visit to the West Houston Chamber of Commerce for networking activities.

          Manage project change through formal change control processes – April 30, 2015

          Close a project – April 30, 2015

          May 1, 2015 – Boat Tour of Port of Houston, with Keynote Presentation covering General Port Overview, The Port of Houston and Global Trade, and Environmental Stewardship.


Fundamentals of Oil & Gas

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the Oil & Gas industry fundamentals, its structure and key terminologies. On completing this module you will have an understanding of:

  • The structure of the industry and its different segments.
  • Oil and Gas supply chains.
  • Oil & Gas economic drivers.
  • How you can plug-in to contribute and benefit from the boom.


Course Overview / Description

The oil and gas industry is a principal driver of the global economy. The systems and processes used to produce and commercialize oil and gas are complex, involving large amounts of capital, state-of-the-art technology and vast numbers of skilled personnel serving supply chains that span the globe.


Course Outline

          What is Oil and Gas? / Industry Overview and Segments

          Introduction to the Supply and Value Chains: Upstream to Downstream

          Sectors Involved along the Supply Chain

          Distinct Economic Issues for Oil and Gas Sector


.Note: All study materials will be provided.