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At FaithHill Group, we are passionate about empowering African and International students, by providing access to accredited colleges and universities in the United States of America and other parts of the world. In order to achieve this, we organize regular informative sessions, workshops and seminars, designed for prospective students.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Variety of students, participation of students and professors made a huge difference. High level of understanding by lecturers, and their presentation skills, made for a fulfilling experience.

Kristina Gurzhii - Summer 2013 Class (Ukraine)

Best experience I ever had, great teachers, interesting business places, meeting international minds. Please add more classes, add American students so we can interact with them.

Aigul - Summer 2013 Class (Kazakhstan)

Impressed with the processing of registration. Physical exam, ID cards were great. Specialized professors with excellent skills and attention to details.

Lichun Yu - Summer 2013 Class (China)

Not only was the program excellent, the experience of living in the campus housing was amazing. I will recommend this program to everyone I know.

Natalia Jaquier Bossler Ligozzo - Summer 2013 Class (Brazil)

This program opened my eyes to the vast world of opportunities to improve myself and add to my constituency. Really enjoyed the program and it was worth it. I look forward to recommending other people and any further follow-up to our relationship.

John Ihunweze - Fall 2013 Class (Architect - Abuja, Nigeria)

I found the MBA Program very fulfilling and rich. The lectures delivered by the Professors covered all the International perspectives expected for a regular MBA program. I also found the University environment very ideal for learning as the town had little or no distractions! The field trips were very relevant and highly educative.....I am already putting into practice all the knowledge I gained!! 

Emeka Inegbu (Banker -  Abuja, Nigeria)

Enjoyed classes and field trips. Bikes came in quite handy. I am grateful for the wonderful arrangement of the program.

Pei-Wen Cheng (Angel) - Summer 2013 Class (China)

Improved knowledge. Met people from different countries and shared experiences, while exploring the intriguing possibilities of life as an American student.

Gallardo Maria - Summer 2013 Class (Bolivia)

Developed the capacity to think about various business experiences in a more rational/objective manner. Inspired by examples of phenomenal and sustained growth in the visited companies.

Jonathan Nweke - Summer 2013 Class (Entrepreneur/Industrialist - Owerri, Nigeria)

Very motivating and business-like. It will surely enhance my business efforts, going forward.

Charles Amuzie - Summer 2013 Class (Businessman - Owerri, Nigeria)

Met all my goals, experienced/efficient lecturers. I suggest field trips be connected more to the lectures.

Nazgul Imadildayeva - Summer 2013 Class (Kazakhstan)

 A very pleasant experience.

Max Caers - Summer 2013 Class (Belgium)

"Having been looking for the opportunity to study in the United States, Faithhill Group gave me the opportunity to achieve my goal, and made the whole application and admission process, a pain-free one. Thanks to Faithhill Group, I got promoted right after going through the Mini-MBA program at Pittsburg State University, facilitated by FaithHill Group."

Alice (USA)

"I got to know about Pittsburg State University (PSU) through FaithHill Group, and benefited from their advisory recommendations when I was seeking admission for my Masters degree. PSU is a great place to study, I had an excellent experience as a student and graduate of the school, which put me in a great position towards achieving my career goals."

Oby (Texas, USA)

I am one of the pioneer set of the Mini-MBA program, it was interesting. I still talk about the school environment, the Dorm and the lecture room. The program was short, but I learnt a lot. I came back to Nigeria and left banking to set up my own business. I am now an entrepreneur, with 32 staff members.

Uzoamaka Nwakor – Enugu, Nigeria - Entrepreneur

I'm grateful to Faithhill Group for making it possible for my life to be impacted during my Mini MBA program at PSU business school fall 2012.

Although the program was short, it turned out to be one of the most profound academic experiences I have ever had in my life. The lectures were compressed but the value was awesome. The interactive nature of the program gave me the opportunity to discuss some of the practical challenges we face as managers and leaders in the industry and the knowledge from the interactions made me more confident as a leader and manager in my bank.

I had the privilege to meet a faculty and students with the kind of knowledge and humility that is uncommon in my own environment and I was really humbled. That also made me realize I could do much more than I have accomplished all my life.

While congratulating you for impacting and influencing our lives, i thank you for all the sacrifices you made to make the program a very rewarding experience for us.

Thanks to your team!

Chinedu Okeke (Banker - Abuja, Nigeria)

The Mini-MBA at Pittsburg State University in which I was in the summer class of 2012 was a beautiful, rewarding, and resourceful experience. I am now equipped with the knowledge of how businesses are run from an international perspective as well as locally. The field trips were so exciting I saw firsthand why companies like Tyson Foods remain on top of their game in the US.

I will participate again and again and again in this program because it did not just help improve my business and educational skills, but has also added a plus to my resume - 

Chinyere Itumo-Nvene (Banker - Enugu, Nigeria)

It was a perfect blend of classroom work and field trips. The classroom work introduced the various concepts, while the trips gave us the opportunity to study the operational and management processes, across a wide variety of industries, and interact with personnel whose jobs it was to drive those businesses.

With students drawn from across the globe, we had very rich discussions and it was enlightening to listen to a diversity of perspectives, which was reflective of the various backgrounds of the participants, in terms of discipline, past experience and geographical locations.

My overall experience was so enriching and rewarding that I have no doubts, whatsoever, that I got more than my money's worth.

Interestingly, the whole application and recruitment process was smooth, so smooth that I practically didn't lift a finger. All thanks to Mr. Ugwum Odunze, who, not not only sold the idea to me, but also exhibited a high level of professionalism and efficiency in processing my admission. He was unassuming, polite, and delivered in record time. With my experience, I make bold to say that it would be rare to get such a complete package of efficient service and humility elsewhere.

Nwabueze Onwudinjo (Banker, Enugu, Nigeria)

I had a very fulfilled experience at the Mini-MBA Program at the Pittsburg State University.

First, there were the classroom lectures, which were very interactive. I enjoyed the international negotiation class best.

Secondly, there was the field trip which the experience extends beyond what I ever expected from the program. There were trips to Federal Reserve Bank Kansas City ( which was my most valuable experience) Wal-Mart Stores, Harley Davidson Production, Cessna, a Textron Company makers of Citation Ten Jets one of the fastest Jets in the World,  to mention a few.

I encourage anyone who intends to participate in this program, especially professionals, to make use f this incredible opportunity for personal and professional development. 

Kaego Nwachukwu-David  (Banker - Warri, Nigeria)